Souq Waqif Exploration

I constructed an interactive, wearable device for the hmli or porter of Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar. The hmli is usually an older man whose job is to transport the shopping bags of people in the souq. When observing the hmli it seems those surrounding him don’t notice him. Nor do the people he’s following seem to consider his effort to keep up with them. The device serves to alert his presence. It’s constructed into his uniform vest and wheelbarrow, which reflects how he is an extension of it. When someone walks in front of the wheelbarrow when it’s in use, which has a sensor attached to it, car engine noises come from the vest. This plays on the driving culture in Qatar. When one is driving slow on the road, the car behind him will drive hazardously close and produce gas pedal noises to signal him in front to move out of their way. Also, the person whose things he’s carry will have to walk beside him to not the activate the sensor to level out the class between him and that person.