Past Alternative

Slavery and colonization were tremendous tragedies in human history which casts a shadow over the west. It has scarred millions of black women, men and children and has changed their lives forever. Its consequences continue to be widely ignored today. Far too often black people are viewed through a western lens. Racial stereotypes, narratives, interpretations and images, reflective of slavery and colonization, have been used to assert the white hierarchal frame. It is necessary to confront the loss of importance of these historical tragedies that needs to be addressed and redressed in presenting a historical reverse of events.

What if the white slave master or colonizer was instead a slave or colonized? What would it look like? Alternatively, the photographs present a black colonizer or slave master (Master Baba)- although casual, still perceived as regal in his African dress - and a white slave, draped in chains wearing a worn-down galabiya, or long robe. Referencing slavery and African continental colonization (Leopold’s regime in Congo) the narratives are combined into one plantation setting.